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Brian Maranan Pineda Photography Video

Brian Pineda Directs Video for Conde Nast Traveler/Alabama Tourism Board

Anyway Photographer Brian Pineda documents the many nuances of Alabama for Conde Nast Traveler / Alabama Tourism Board, and we have to say it’s pretty sweet. [WATCH]

Client: Conde Nast Traveler / Alabama Tourism Board
Director: Brian Maranan Pineda
Director of Photography: Chris Aran
Editor: Kevin Corcoran
Sound: Mike Wolf Snyder
Producer: Dana Kravis
Colorist: Zak Ray

Brian Maranan Pineda Photography

Enjoy Beautiful Bhutan with Brian Maranan Pineda






Always on the go, follow photographer Brian Maranana Pineda through Instagram to see what he’s been getting up to this month.  Last week it was the beautiful kingdom of Bhutan, and now he’s on his way to Nepal for another assignment!



Brian Maranan Pineda Photography

Feel the Electricity with Photographer Brian Maranan Pineda for Canon: Around the Globe


(Click on the VIDEO above to watch Brian talk about his favorite parts of travel photography & why there’s nothing like shooting with a DSLR.)

Brian Maranan Pineda Photography

Brian Maranan Pineda Takes Us South of the Border with His Latest Feature on Puerto Rico for Budget Travel

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Can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be!
Photographs by Brian Maranan Pineda for Budget Travel Magazine, January/February 2015