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Greg Neumaier and Linda Nova Work On New Band-Aid Ads

Photographer Greg Neumaier and stylist Linda Nova work on new ads for Band-Aid.


View more images from the new ad campaign inĀ Greg’s and Linda’s advertising sections.

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Anyway Holiday Mash Up

The Gorman’s Grinch pup tried with all her might to steal our holiday fun…but alas, we prevailed!

The crowd spanned the ages – new edition Dali chillin’ with proud parents Justin and Rachel – the kid is a born rocker!

Part of the Redcats (rahrrrrrr!) crew.

The Gorman brothers, two personalities – one vision…

What can you buy at a Bonamarte? Alex and stylist/party paparazzi Jazz.

Now the party was supposed to end around 9:30, here you can plainly see the owner of Shorty’s 32 looking in dismay at the crowd around 11PM.  Thanks to all for coming out and making this yet another Anyway… party to remember (or not).

anyway news Linda Nova

Linda Nova styles GAP holiday ads

Linda Nova styles for the new GAP holiday ad campaign.


More of Linda’s work can be seen here.

anyway news Linda Nova

Linda Nova styles new GAP ad campaign

Linda Nova styles new GAP ad campaign which can be seen in Vogue, W, and Elle.


Samples of Linda’s work can be viewed here.

Linda Nova

Rural Art Gallery Has Style


On Route 28, just outside the Woodstock exit, there are a number of home/storefront houses. Some are country quaint, some more rustic, and some remind us of a scene or two from Deliverance.
Thanks  to a tip from stylist Linda Nova and husband Max, we stopped to inspect a rennovated gas station, dubbed SERV CE STATION (-clever logo-), and much to our relief found it to be facinating.

Fine, monolithic wood works featuring dare-devil dove tails and reclaimed woods manifest as furniture or hangings with finishes so smooth I got lost in the glassy surfaces. The sculptor, Jonah Meyer also paints large atmosphereic umber canvases which feel as textured and substantial as the furniture. We met Jonah, an affable character with the natural swagger of an un-pretentious woodworker who spills a rich inner life into a variety of media. He runs the gallery with his wife Tara, who transforms his drawings into shirts, bags, and other ready-to-move items.


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