Natalie Brasington Photography

Natalie Brasington Shoots Tennis Legend John McEnroe for Eurosport


Former tennis bad boy John McEnroe signs on to commentate for Eurosport.

And yes, we’re serious!

Photos by Natalie Brasington.

Jessica Zindren Styling

Jessica Zindren Styles ‘Teen Maven’ Kelly for a Special Teen issue of Mini Maven, Out Now !






Fashion Styling: Jessica Zindren

Photographer: Kymberly Marciano

Originally Shot for Teen Maven, Issue No. 2 

Brian Maranan Pineda Photography

Feel the Electricity with Photographer Brian Maranan Pineda for Canon: Around the Globe


(Click on the VIDEO above to watch Brian talk about his favorite parts of travel photography & why there’s nothing like shooting with a DSLR.)

Photography Steve Giralt

Steve Giralt Launches New Website ( & it’s really cool! )



We are very excited to announce the latest & greatest, BRAND NEW!

Somehow, he’s managed to leave us dumbfounded again… is there anything this guy can’t do ?!



Phyllis Evans Baker Styling

Put on Your Swim Trunks & Take a Dunk! Phyllis Evans Baker Styles New Suits for 2(XIST)




Soft Styling Phyllis Evans Baker @ ANYWAY REPS
Photographer Emily Kate Romer

Art Direction Jay Del Rosario @ 2(XIST)


David Johnson Photography

David Johnson (Takes Pictures) of Jeff Foxworthy for FOX hit “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader?”




(Hint? Probably not.)


Hired by Fox’s Alfred Bie, David Johnson recently flew to LA to collaborate with Rich Kostner and Art Director Phil Bates to create the above image above for Jeff Foxworthy’s hit trvia game show.

Excited to test your knowhow? ‘Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?’ comes back to FOX May 26th!


Natalie Brasington Photography Video

Go #BTS with Natalie Brasington & the Staff of Resource Magazine as they Shoot Stephanie Beatriz & Melissa Fumero for the Cover of the Spring ’15 Comedy Issue


Fans of these funny ladies? You can check out BTS video & more from Natalie’s shoot with Resource Magazine by following this link !

Photography Steve Giralt

Steve Giralt Shoots the Perfect Combo for Our BUDS @ Anomaly





Photographer: Steve Giralt @ ANYWAY REPS

Food Stylist: Jamie Kimm

Paola Andrea Styling

Paola Andrea Designs Props, Sets & Wardrobe for New Atlantic Health System ADV







Props, Sets & Wardrobe: Paola Andrea @ Anyway Reps

Photographer: Neil Dacosta 

Production: URBAN NYC


Jessica Zindren Styling

Jessica Zindren Styles Cover of Time Out NY with Serino / Coyne, Feat. Jim Parson


Photographer: Andrew Eccles

Fashion Styling: Jessica Zindren @ Anyway Reps